1. What is the duration of each game?

The ordinary game period is one hour, you and your team will have 60 minutes to enjoy the process of escape, if you fail to escape after one hour, our staff will lead you out of the room, and we always welcome you back to re-challenge the game.
If your team thinks one hour is too short to fully enjoy the game, and want to play longer games, please give us a call on 09 525 7829, we will make proper arrangements to meet your specific needs

2. Does the size of the group really matter?

Yes. Real-life escape games rely on team cooperation, especially for full-mechanical escape rooms, sometimes you need teamwork to trigger the machine therefore the minimum size for your team is 3. Also, in order to create a great gaming experience, there is limited space in each room, so the maximum group size is different for each room.

3. How much do you charge per game?

It depends on the size of your group.
3-4 people is $38 per head
5-6 people is $35 per head
7-12 people is $33 per head

4. How do I book?

You have two ways to book the game. The first and the most convenient way is to book online on our website www.breakandescape.co.nz, you can either pay by your credit card straight after booking online or choose to pay on site by card or cash; the alternative is to give our friendly staff a ring at 09 525 7829.

5. Will my team play the game with other strangers?

No. In order for you, your friends and family to enjoy a great gaming experience, you will only play with your own members.

6. What if the number of people showed up on site is different from the time of booking?

Don’t worry, we will only charge you with the actual number of people that play the game, but it has to meet the minimum requirement.

7. Do you have age restrictions to play Break and Escape?

Yes. Real-life escape rooms will only be opened to players aged 14 and above upon the date of arrival. If the age of participants is under 14 years old, there needs to be at least ONE PAYING adult in the room with them – if this is the case, the adult will be charged full price and not the kids price.

8. Will I be locked in the room? What if I want to leave during the game?

For your safety, the entrance door will not be locked. In every room there is also an emergency exit door, if you feel uncomfortable and want to quit the game and leave, you can retreat from the nearest emergency exit, entrance door included.

9. Is Break and Escape suitable for team building?

Absolutely! Our full-mechanical escape rooms are perfect for any company and organization to do team building activities.

10. If I am an experienced player and/or newbie, which theme suits me the best?

Break and Escape is New Zealand’s first full-mechanical escape room, we use internationally advanced concept and props, offering you the ultimate gaming experience. The shock we could offer you will bring you brand new experience. Every theme is full of different challenges and entertaining elements, so no matter the level of past gaming experience, we deep heartedly suggest you to try out our theme one by one, to have the best gaming experience.

11. What’s in the escape room, will it be scary?

No. Break And Escape is not Spookers, we are not here to scary you, only part of the settings in Evil Hospital will contain some “scary” bits, but to “scare you” is not our intention, so you don’t have to worry!

12. Can we play only with 2 people?

We don’t recommend only 2 players to engage our game considering the difficulty of our games. Our booking requires minimum 3 people each room. If you insist 2 people take the game, there is no online discount price, you got to buy 3 vouchers or pay for $38 per person. When you place the booking online, choose 3 players as the system won’t allow you to book for 2, then pay on your arrival.