Team Building

On wondrous vast savannah of Africa, if you see groups of antelopes running, they must be chased by lions; if you see lions are running, they must be chased by aggrieved elephants; if you see thousands of lions and elephants running together, then what kind of animals are chasing them? The answer is an army of ants! The old fable has taught us a lesson, teamwork is always stronger than rowing the boat alone. If you want to achieve big success, you need to rely on teamwork because individual power can only achieve limited success.


Do YOU want a much stronger team? Is your team looking for a new team-bonding activity? Here at Break and Escape—NZ’s first fully mechanical real-life escape room, we can offer you a new team building scenario. We can offer you a new experience which brings movies into real life to improve team cohesiveness in a new and entertaining way. Here, you can see the strengths of potential leaders, make team objectives, train your elite members, create team spirit and ultimately complete the team bonding goal.


We’ve also got more! We offer VIP rooms for multiple functions, your team can explore board games to relax either after the game or train up their brains beforehand. Of course, you can also use these rooms for a debrief meeting after the game.


Choose Break and Escape, and your business/team/company will earn extra exposure through our multiple social media channels such as Break and Escape website, our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, SinaWeibo, WeChat and any additional channels we may develop in the future. If you wish, we can share your team bonding experience on those channels to showcase your company culture.

No matter what the size of your business/team/company is: three, five, twenty, thirty, fifty or two hundred, please do not worry about the space and size, we will offer you the perfect solution!

If your team thinks one hour is too short, we can also offer you and your team a longer game model!

If this sounds like something that could benefit your team, please give us a call on 09 525 7829.