What’s Break & Escape

Bringing movies into real life. Yes, that’s our aim!

Break and Escape is the first and only FULLY-MECHANICAL Real-Life escape room in New Zealand. At Break and Escape, we will bring you gaming rooms with cutting edge design, and featuring sound, lights, physical sensors, light sensors, electronic mechanisms and interactive props that you have only seen in movies, bringing the ever popular real-life escape games to a whole new level. During the one hour game, you will be exposed to real-life escape games like never experienced before. Our aim is to bring movies into real life, allowing everyone to enjoy being able to take the leading role of a movie in the game.
Break and Escape is not only a game though, it is also a trendy and exciting lifestyle apart from other conventional leisure activities such as going to movies, doing outdoor sports, Karaoke and dining. We are not trying to scare you, well, not all the time anyway.

What are the differences between Break and Escape and other real-life escape game rooms?

You may have played other real-life escape rooms, trying to find the right key, or the right combination for a lock in a simple staged room and having to repeat the same process over and over again until you find the final key to exit the room. If you think that’s how Break and Escape operates, then you are in for a surprise!


Break and Escape offers a new and innovative real-life adventure model. You and your team members will be assigned to different roles, trapped in a complex maze-like system consisting of four to five rooms. You do not need to look for traditional key locks because we have redefined the concept of “locks”. Here, you cannot simply open the gateway to the next room through the traditional methods of unlocking, because we have repositioned space. Here, clues are much more elaborate than merely a note containing a string of numbers. There are voices from the void guiding you along to the next unseen destination. Here, you are not restricted to just walking on the ground, there are various other dimensional spaces for you to explore.
At Break and Escape, if you want to win, you have to break the conventional restraints of playing methods, you need to utilize your imagination, unlock your brain, implement what you have seen in movies and apply it to the games. Only then you might be able to trigger the locks! Because our aim is to bring movies into real life!


Remember, at Break and Escape, strength and reflexes are your foundation; physics, chemistry, music theory, mathematics, history and common sense are the source of brainpower to help you escape and imagination and team cooperation will be your ultimate key for your successful breakthrough!